Do you own your dream car? How often do you go out in it?

What Does Your Dream Car Say About You?

You see, owning a car isn't just about being able to get from one place to another; it's a reflection of our identity, ambition and aspirations. The type of car we dream about, the colors we imagine it in and how often we take it out for a spin says a great deal about who we are. When I say dream car, it doesn't mean a flashy sports car or an upscale luxury sedan, our dream car could very well be a truck or perhaps, just like Cassidy, my better half, a fit-for-all VW minibus to accommodate our bustling family life with Orlando and Aster. That reminds me, if you think kids don't care about your car, wait until they start arguing about who called the shotgun first!

Occasionally, Embrace Those Unplanned Excursions

There's a different kind of charm about unplanned road trips that are as refreshing as a sip of lemonade on a scorching summer day. It's not just about miles, but the memories you make each mile of the way. Cassidy and I often pack up, gather the kids, and head out in our dream car whenever we get a chance. We would visit a farmers market or an art festival we read about online, or try that new donut shop across town. Why not? After all, we own our dream car, and the world is our oyster, even if it is a small part of Los Angeles.

How Often Should You Go Out In Your Dream Car?

What a ridiculous question, isn't it? If it's your dream car, why wouldn't you want to take it out every single time? But life is never black or white, is it? When Cassidy and I first got our dream car, we were like overexcited teenagers. Every errand we ran, every minor item we purchased, we'd take the car out. But then reality set in, and we had to consider things like rising gas prices, carbon footprints, and know, life!

Master the Art of Balancing

The trick, as with all things in life, is to find balance. Sure, you might look cool rocking up to work every day in your dream car, but if you're just going to be stuck in traffic for hours or hunting for parking spaces, then the dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Separately, using your dream car too often might lead to more wear and tear and hefty maintenance costs. I love my car, I truly do. But I love having enough money for repairs and spare parts even more! So, my humble advice: drive it as often as it makes you happy, but also as seldom as it keeps you sane!

Understanding Economy Vs Pleasure

There is a gentle conflict that exists between the economic usage of your dream car and the immense pleasure it brings you. Sure, the thrifty side of your mind will tell you, "Just use it for special occasions or long road trips", while the passionate car enthusiast inside you just can't wait to hit the road and feel the breeze in your hair. Cassidy and I have found the golden middle to be finding joy in smaller, more frequent adventures throughout the city – a surprise visit to Orlando and Aster’s school with their favorite lunch or a spontaneous run to the ice cream parlour!

Your Dream Car, Your Best Companion

Your dream car is not just a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, it's a meaningful extension of your life, a partner in crime and a purveyor of many a family adventure! I often tell my kids that our car is like the family's pet –inanimate, of course- that needs care, attention and sometimes, a bit of spoilage. Do take it out as often as you can – keeping in mind its health and your budget! Nothing beats the feeling of grabbing the wheel of your dream car – just remember, it's an ally, not a trophy.

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